Launched in June 2004, the first Art Fortnight London offered over thirty events from the Gala opening party for 500 at Tate Modern, to lectures, intimate dinners, private views, debates and art tours. Over seventy major galleries participated, many with special exhibitions.

Like this year, the Art Book was filled with information on participating galleries and the three major auction houses, as well as essays by some of London's leading art writers. Visit our 'ART BOOK' section to preview this year's publication.

Read what the press had to say about Art Fortnight London 2004:

"Marketing genius..." Art + Auction
"Art Fortnight London was an act of marketing genius that promoted the city as an art capital in a more aggressive and organised fashion than ever before."
The Power list, Art + Auction (December issue)

"Cunning..." The Times
"The Art Fortnight London strategy is cunning. June 21 to July 4 is a great time for London tourism with floods of well-heeled visitors coming in from overseas. So why not trumpet the importance of London as the art capital of the world at the same time?"
Michael Glover, The Times

"Blitzkreig..." Financial Times
"Art Fortnight's publicity blitzkrieg has ensured that the 1000 biggest collectors of pictures and sculpture in the world, from American connoisseurs to the new buyers in Russia and China, are aware of the events."
Antony Thorncroft, Financial Times

"Immaculate Glamour..." New Statesman
"Go to No 3, Grafton Street for the Art. Amid all the immaculate glamour is a selection of works from Frank Cohen's enormous holdings of contemporary art and Neil Kaplan's collection of Rembrandt etchings. One master nods to another across the centuries."
Rosie Millard, New Statesman

"Culture Floods Back..." The Times
"As Art Fortnight opens, culture floods back into the heartlands of the city."
Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times

"Art Capital..." Apollo
"This is when one becomes aware that London is still the art capital of the world...anyone who presumed London in June was all about fusty brown furniture should take a look."
Apollo Magazine

"Breadth of Vision..." The Times
"Art Fortnight's breadth of vision bodes well for the up and coming."
Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times

"Selling the City......" Australian Financial Review
"London's Art Fortnight is selling the city as the place to buy art, with it's unprecedented programme of events, gallery openings, lectures, auctions, studio tours, film screenings and exhibitions."
Peter Crayford, The Weekend, Australian Financial Review

"Major Art Education Exercise..." The Review
"Art Fortnight London is more than just a chance for auction houses and galleries to make money, it's also a major art education exercise."
Caroline Chisholm, The Review

"Advertising Brilliance..." The Field
"Art Fortnight London is an advertising brilliance which will wake the world to the dazzle of summer art life in the capital."
Godfrey Barker, The Field

"Sheer Range..." Kultureflash
"... what makes this different from your usual art tour is the sheer range of old master galleries and auction houses involved. It presents an opportunity to round up our annual dose of Vitamin "Serious-Art".

Black & White photographs: Sasha Gusov
Colour photographs: Thomas Stewart

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